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Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre have been giving meditation classes in Bristol since 1984. We draw on Sri Chinmoy’s writings as well as our own experiences. All of our class givers have been meditating every day for at least 15 years.

We feel that meditation is something that has to be practiced and experienced and to this end we introduce many different techniques in our classes: visualisation, breathing, chanting, listening to spiritual music and also singing. Although many people are initially reluctant to do any singing, we make it very simple, and afterwards most people really enjoy the experience. In addition, we always encourage people to meditate at home and develop their own meditation practice.

We prefer to give a set of 5 or 6 classes rather than a weekly drop-in session because we feel that people can make more progress when part of a group that is learning together. As an instructor I always feel that the group is more peaceful and more meditative at the end of the course than they are at the beginning.

People often thank us for giving meditation classes for free, but they probably don’t realise that the instructors also learn a lot from each class too! It is also very fulfilling seeing someone ‘blossom’ as they make progress in their meditation.

Meditation has a very transforming effect on our day-to-day lives. It brings forward our divine qualities – our true, spiritual nature. We become more aware of ourselves, our good qualities as well as our negative qualities. We become more self-accepting and happier with who we are, because who we are is something very beautiful, divine and unique. Meditation is a journey to help us discover our true selves.

You can make that journey. You only have to start…

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