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The Sri Chinmoy Centre in London offers regular courses on Meditation throughout the year. The classes are free of charge and unlike other organisations there is no fee for all follow on courses. This is in keeping with Sri Chinmoy’s wish that his philosophy be available to everybody and that meditation and spirituality are the birthright of each and every human being.

The courses are structured for beginners but are equally valued by those who are looking to breathe new life and inspiration into their practice. There is a strong emphasis on the practical nature of meditation and establishing your own daily practice, which is developed through music, mantra, visualisation and concentration techniques. Many find the mantras set to music by Sri Chinmoy to be particularly effective in calming the mind and energising their meditation.


Ananda, playing at London School of Music

Live music is often featured at one of the introductory classes, and recordings of Sri Chinmoy’s flute, esraj or chanting provide a wellspring of inspiration for those attempting to deepen their experience of meditation.

Sri Chinmoy described his path as the path of Love, Devotion and Surrender. In these introductory classes one is given a real understanding and experience of the nature of divine love – the unconditional feeling of oneness with everyone and everything. All classes focus on the Heart centre - the energy centre in the middle of the chest through which we experience and assimilate the qualities of pure joy, love and real peace.

srichinmoyIn his lifetime, Sri Chinmoy lectured on the subject of meditation at universities and venues around the world, answering a wide variety of questions on all aspects of spirituality. He was a prolific author and poet, and ample material is available at the classes. There are recordings of his music, films illustrating his various activities and valuable footage of him in meditation

The people who present the classes all studied under Sri Chinmoy for more than 20 or 30 years (some of them since their childhood). They offer the classes in a very warm open manner, creating a family feeling that is extremely supportive for those wishing to ask questions or discuss their own experiences. They bring a unique element to the classes by sharing stories from their own lives and their contact with Sri Chinmoy.

These classes are a valuable opportunity to experience the power and simplicity of meditation. You don’t need any previous experience. And you don’t need any accessories – just an open mind and a willing heart!

Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre

Meditation Classes in London are given by a variety of people. They have been practising meditation for between 10-30 years.


Devashishu Torpy

Devashishu studied meditation with Sri Chinmoy for 31 years. Although he lives and works in London he has given meditation classes in more than 20 countries.



Nurari currently works in Run and Become, a specialist London running shop. She has been a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre for over 10 years.