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"When we meditate, what we actually do is enter into a vacant, calm, still, silent mind. We go deep within and approach our true existence, which is our soul. When we live in the soul, we feel that we are actually meditating spontaneously"


- Sri Chinmoy


Sri Chinmoy is widely respected teacher of meditation who has inspired many thousands of people to learn about meditation and make it part of their daily activities.


Sri Chinmoy was born in Chittagong, India in 1931. at a young age he was orphaned and so with his siblings, left his home town to join the Sri Aurobindo ashram in the south of India. For 20 years Sri Chinmoy took part in the daily Ashram activities and spent several hours a day in meditation. Whilst still in his early teens he had many profound experiences and attained a state of spiritual realistion.


In 1964, Sri Chinmoy followed an inner command to travel to America and share the spiritual teachings of India with aspiring seekers in the West


Sri Chinmoy lived in Queens, New York until his mahasamadhi in 2007. Sri Chinmoy frequently travelled around the world offering concerts of meditative music and meeting others who shared his aspiration to create a better world.


Sri Chinmoy teaches that meditation is an essential component of the inner life. It is meditation which enables us to quieten the mind and become aware of our inner realities.

"We meditate for various reasons. Peace of mind we all badly need. Therefore, when we meditate, either consciously or unconsciously we aim at peace of mind. Meditation give us peace of mind without a tranquilliser. And unlike a tranquilliser, the peace of mind that we get from meditation does not fade away. It lasts for good in some corner of the inmost recesses of our aspiring heart."

- Sri Chinmoy


Sri Chinmoy also teaches that the inner life and the outer life must go together. A firm believer in physical fitness, Sri Chinmoy was a striking example of how a life of meditation can help transcend our outer capacities. As well as serving as a spiritual guide, Sri Chinmoy was an accomplished muscian, artist, poet and sportsman


Sri Chinmoy Centres

Inspired by the meditation teachings of Sri Chinmoy, there are now Sri Chinmoy Centres established in more than 60 countries around the world. Centre members meet twice weekly for group meditations and other activities.


Sri Chinmoy's Path of Meditation

Sri Chinmoy teaches that meditating on the heart offers a simple but effective way to meditate.The ultimate aim of meditation is to silence the mind and expand our sense of self. To quieten the mind and calm our thoughts is not easy, but if we take help from the power of the heart it becomes easier to meditate.

"Our path is basically the path of the heart and not the path of the mind. This does not mean that we are criticising the path of the mind. Far from it. We just feel that the path of the heart leads us faster towards our goal. Suppose I want to go to a place 500 miles away. I can reach my destination either by walking or by flying. .

Undoubtedly, I shall reach my destination considerably faster if I fly in a jet plane. Similarly, if we use the aspiring heart and not the doubting mind, we shall reach our goal much faster. The heart is all love. The mind is quite often all confusion. When we say the heart, we mean the spiritual heart, which is flooded with divine love. "

- Sri Chinmoy


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